im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, September 27, 2010

been sick with a cold for the past week.
stayed in bed all sunday. gf was pissed but tough shit she wants me to come over after work as well but im not going to tired and have too much shit to do.

put the new tv in dads motorhome while he was gone for a week durring bouts of lucidness wife went and got him from my brothers and when i saw him sunday night all he said was the picture was fucked and too small for the frame. i know i adjusted it to fit like he would have wanted it. but he fucked it up playing with it and had to call over to the house i sent the boys to go and fix it and they did. NOT ONE WORD OF FUCKING THANKS THE TV LOOKS GOOD AND FITS IN REALLY WELL AND I KNOW YOU PUT ALOT OF HOURS INTO GETTING IT AND MAKING IT WORK! fuck it i know he appreciates it just cant say so i guess.

gota get his front tire off tonight so i can get a new one before the weekend camping trip.



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