im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, February 03, 2011

snow day

took yesterday off slept in and slowly got ready to go boarding the wife watched me and when im ready to leave she says i guess i should get ready yea like 20 min ago i told her to call me if she and the boys get ready and ill come and get them she didnt. not sure if she was relieved or not but i went and enjoyed the fresh powder. got back and shoveled and plowed the drive and street with the boys and neighbor didnt take too long.
called the gf a couple of times she was off as well no school she wined about doing her drive and having a cold

watched a movie with the fam durring dinner
loaded the bike in case i could ride today i couldent but might at lunch time
masaged some of lotion on the wife. did a quicky on her and slept fitfully.


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