im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wifes birthday

ran around last night gettin stuff for the wife bday cards flowers ice creem cake. then came back to take her out to dinner "chineese "enjoydinner" then took her shoe shopping so she would stop wearing her ragid old sneekers managed to get her to take 5 pair had a lot ot fun trying them on having the sales girl looking stuff we laugh a lot together. got back to the house and had cake poened cards made her cry with the sappy one i picked. i showered while she helped the oldest boy w home work. Gave her a big O pumepd her a few times busted a nut and went to sleep. she shure looks good naked feeling down and hatefull today after all that acting yeaterday at leas t my coworkers are all off today 5 days INSANANE BASTARD


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