im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, February 23, 2007

got home last night and found the power out so i proceded to get the generator running and all that shit cooked dinner on the grill feed the family and got the neighbors generator running right as well went to the store to get som propain and other shit got a called the wife and said i was going to shower at a friends, she said hurry as the new neighbors has to get there gen hooked up as well. Well the friend was my girl friend and i went to her house and showered and huged on her for a while. she was on the rag but was very gratful for the hug, i split after a while to go and hook up yet another gen. nice guy right! yes even my wife said what a good guy i am for helping the wido next door and the new neighbors. Spent most of the night feeling guilty and not sleeping. I am such a Bastard.


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