im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, September 18, 2006

I don't know how much longer this can go on. Went to the gf friday night kinda of scared of her went to a store to pick up som shit she ordered and on the way there she made me car sick with her driving. she wanted me to ride on an elivator after that but she likes to make out while riding them and i would have hurled if we did so i she went by herself i walked up to the dept she was going to but she was already gon. called her cell and went to the carpark and got in her car. she was all like im sorry i thought u were going outside bla blabla. we played house and all for the rest of the night and finally when i was about to leave i started jerking and she let me f her.
sat was oec midterm and refresher all day she invited som friends over and we played like were a real couple dinner and all. 6 hours later they left and she fucked my brains out.

sun went to church with the family (wife told me she was going to need som after woried if i could get it up again) I did and she got off real good helped my dumb ass kid with homework after and other shit he is such a fuckup that in the afternoon i had to give him a little peck on the cheek to get his attention. we got the work done after that. Went to the gf after that she threw me on her bed sucked me hard and i poked her fast and fureoiusly cus i knew my hard on wouldent last got off then did her by hand she likes my wet spread on her puss she got off hard and we slept for a while and then i got up dressed and left. she wines that she misses me and all that shit but i go anyway got home and cralled in bed with the wife and slept like a baby (babies wake up every 2 hours) i hate it im a bastard

tonight i go t the gf house but need a good lie because it raining and i told wife i was riding bikes lies lies lies bastard.


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