im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

well this was real interesting I was at my volenter job on monday with my gf she does it too. we were taking a break and my gf was doing some homework and who walks in but my wife. I thought the shit was really going to hit the fan this time. I grabed my jacket and her arm and hit the door saying it was noisy in hear. it was but that was bullshit. I got her outside so fast she didnt even see my girtlfriend and I talked with her for a while and sent her back home. whew!!! when i went back to my if looks could kill gf she said what was that all about and why did she touch you. I made up this outrages lie about my kid getting expelles from school and acted all upset she bought it and well i took her home later and she was all loving and careing and wanted to hug and even offered me to f her "just a quick one to relieve the tension" I said no just to keep up the i'm upset ruse and then left a while later. whin i got home my wife was asleep and i cralled into bed and went to sleep. How i can sleep i don't know but i do know i am a bastard and will pay for all this eventally


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