im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, February 02, 2007


wellllll wellll welll i havnt postes for a while cus nothn has changed I went to fla over christmas break the gf was pissed but i acted insane and she took me back and yes once again had me striped and hugging her in less than an hour. Couldent f her because i had a testicle infection (it really hurt)the Dr said its like any other type of infection and gave me som antibotics. it went away in about 10 days. The wife couldent wait so i fucked her with a condom on. That was wierd after not wearing one for so long. i really wanna drink lately i even used the ol trick tthe other day stoping at a store and getting a bag of chips and a soda as a reward for not drinking. 1 step away from the bottle is all it is. I wish i could say the sex with either sucked but it dosent its gread differnt but both great. I was worried/wishing that the testi infection was like a cancer or somthning so i would die but no such luck. Lots more lies lots more fucking lots more bullshit and im still a BASTARD


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