im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend off wo a hitch went to my inlaws for a grad party. good food couldent drink got the wife a little tippy though. i would soooo like to fuck one of my sis in laws. got home late and called the gf while cleaning the garage. went t bed couldnt sleep but got up got somthing t eat and tossed off and watched a movie. went t church w the family on sunday it never falls down on me. did yard work and laundry while the wife went to som bullshit. went to the gf s around 5 we rode bikes and walked her dogs i made dinner and we watched a pretty good movie the freedom writers. she fucked my brains out after that the sex is sooooooo good w her. thats part of what keeps me around the other is I think i really love her.
On saturday night my wife put her head on my right shoulder got all cuddley and said "I love you so much"
Sunday night my gf put her head on my left shoulder got all cuddley and said "I love you so much"

kinda scary like they compare notes or somthing.

to both i responded i love you too
i am such a fucking bastard


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