im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

got the gf back to her house after the airport and she had me naked sucked and fucked panting in less than 45 min. took a little sleep woke up hard sooo fucke her again. no question the sex is great. we had a shower and then i had to go to som school shit after that then home and worked in the yard for a while cus i couldent look at the wife just yet and i new i had to be exhausted to sleep at all. still didnt sleep much though. went to a meeting last night for my volenter shit found out som bad news that made the gf cry. went to her house after and she cryed and told me about her friend who was fuking a married man who had since dumped her she said even now she would take him back. she hinted at the same thing "love you so much i would wait forever for you" how low can bitches self esteem get. Im not anything special to look at and im kinda short and fat. wtf . I treet her nice though bring her flowers cook her breakfast/dinner tell her she is pretty do jobs around her house for her that kinda shit. when she was all cryed out she fucked me and i held her for a while when i went to go i was standing by the bed about to get dressed and she started sucking me. now i hadnt washed just wiped with a towl and i thought grosse cause i knew she would want too kiss me again before i left. I didnt puke on her but it was close when she did stick her toung in my mouth. Just get me the fuck outa here. was what i thought.

got inta bed w the wife and she pushed the cat outa the way and said "mine" put her head on my shoulder and went to sleep. I laid awake the rest of the night.


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