im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just an update on what a bastard I really am. went to c the gf after work last night I did stand up for myself a little yesterday in that i said i was working overtime and when she got all panicky and said WHY i told her i neded the money. Over the years i have turned down thousands of $ in ot just to c her. i go tto her house and did the timid whipped dog thing and she hugged me and I missed you and all that bullshit. I was suprised when she threw me on the bed for hugs with clothes on. we ate dinner and watched a movie another teacher movie it was pretty good I didnt care as long as i didnt hafta talk and heve her look at with those big beautiful lloving eyes. anyway she wanted me to shave so i shave in the shower and she joined me. we were just about dun and i was rinsing off and kneels down and starts sucking me it felt soooooo good i almost came right now . we got out dryed off and went t bed for hugs. she is always saying i dont play with her nips enough so i was while i was kissing her. she broke up apart and said is it alright if we just kiss and hug? Yes sure i said thankful i didnt haft do the nasty and leave her. then she proceds to go down on me again WTF anyway we kiss and hug sommore she starts talking about shit i loose me hard quick and more hugs and i leave.
Got home and fond the wife up so we talked about the kids and mortgage for a bit and then.(here is the reas bastard part) i let fuck the shit outa me she had a nice big O and i came and we cleaned up a but she put her head on my shoulder and went t sleep. of course i couldent wonder y I am such a BASTARD


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