im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

took the family camping this past weekend it rained a lot but cleared up intime for my brother and fat bitchy sister in law and there two loud kids to leave we stayed till 8 or so on sunday and had dinner w my dad. missed all the heavy traffic because we left so late only to end up in fucked up detoured concert traffic 2 miles from my house.
yesterday was my birthday. kissed the wife and left for work at my usuall time but went to the gf instead. went t bed to catch a little more sleep 2 hours I had to pee and had a raging hardon so u forced a piss and since i was still hard fucked her to try and get a little after sex sleep. but she got up and well then the day went to shit after that. we were gjoing t a bike trail to ride about an hour away but first i had to fix flat tires on the bikes and then spent over an hour changing a flat tire on the side of I75. then off to the tire store for a new tire. it was past 4 30 when we got back so i grilled som chicken and we ate dinnertook the dogs for a walk showerd sucked and fucked and i went home to the wife. wife was all bubbly cause she got a job offer. couldent sleep wonder why??????


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