im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, October 11, 2007

didnt go see the gf last nigt went said i had to go to my dads instead to avoid her. I miss you so much was what i got from her fuck it i knew the wife would not be put off much longer so i went home fixed dinner my boys asked why i was home so early i saved dinner despite my wifes best attempts to fuck up 4 chicken breasts in the slo cooker. pissed around the house the rest of the night while she went out to som meeting. i really wish she would have an affare. called the gf and said good night it was a quick call as she was picking up her son and all so that was good. wife got home as we got ready for bed she asked for som aspren ( bad slpellers untie) so i thought i would get out of fucking her but noooooo when i got back in the room she was neked took her pills and f the shit outa me . I slept like a stone the rest of the night.
How? I am such a BASTARD


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