im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


took the boat out for probably the last time this season it still wasent really hot but just worm enought to get in the water got up on my wake board a couple of times and did pretty well for an old bastard The youngest boy tryed to get up on skis but couldent quite hold the tips together he tried 5 times which is about 4 more times than i thought he would praised hem for trying so hard. had my dad on board as well getting him on and off the boat was a challenge but he seemed to have a good time. had dinner and relaxed for a bit before pulling out. helped a chick get her jet skis started she needed jumper cables no bigee but it seemed to make her day. the wife thought i was a "nice guy" we all know the truth
promised the neighbor i would replace som trim on her house even as i was saying it i was thinking do not get involved in this it will be more work than u have time for but i said i would help anyway. she has this useless son who is bleeding her for cash feel sorry for her i guess. got the boys a job mowing her lawn for 1/2 the price she was paying another young man who went off to college
tossed off in the garage showered and went to bed slept pretty good fo being such a guilty


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