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Thursday, August 13, 2009

the boys had a ball canoeing got rained out (first time in 20 years) but we shot guns and road quads and ditrbikes for the day ate a lot of red meat and drank a lot of soda pop. last year i let the boys have as much soda as they wanted and they both got sick. this time they didnt drink nearly as much maybee the same will hold true for alcohaul when they get ahold of it. helped one guy build a dear blind. went crawdad fishing around midnight the youngest boy finally stayed awake and came along. he said i made it look easy. kind of a proud moment for me. we ate our fill of them the next morning. as we were making preperations to go boating on sunday my buddy backed his truck(wife's truck actually) into a tree fucked it up pretty bad how he did it i really dont know but at least me and the boys had nothing to do with it. that kinda put the brakes on the fun meeter butr we went to the lake anyway caust we all smelled ripe of bo sunscreen and bugspray. it was kinda cold we we got off the h2o before the rain came and it rained all the way home. spent the rest of the week unloading stuff drying tents and washing things. all in all a good time with my boys the kinda trip they will always remember fondly.

rented a dumpster for my dads house going there with my brother this weekend to toss things out . dad and my wife keep talking about having an estate sale fuck most of the shis is barely in good enough to give the the salvation army let alone sell it anteeks not withstanding but they are not going to be sold anyway and my brother and i have already goten most of his woodworking tools already in ours respective garages. spent last night setting his radial arm and bandsaw and sanding platform up in my garage. I hate working with wood everything hasta be spinning at 6billion rpm and shit flying everyware. but at least if dad wants somthing cut i can do it for him he wont but at least he knows its there and i "could"

wife was glad to see us when we got home and had a nice dinner cooked i wasent very hungry but i sat with everybody durring dinner and told stories of the weekend.

did call the gf a couple of times but if she didnt get the idea it was just an obligitory call she missing out on som searious scarcasim.

i teach tonight with the gf going to see her after work then teaching boy is my life back to fucked up in a hurry


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