im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tried to read som of my old posts and boy is my writing and spelling fuked up. this blog is not really up for people to read anyway just to get stuff out of my head i guess

break time at work

at least my job is still intact and 40 hours steady

filled that dumpster 30 yards worth last weekend couldent believe the amount of shit my dad and (mom may she rest in peace) saved
couch cushons from 30 years ago mice had a real nice nest in thoses
beans and pickles caned in 1973
motorcycle parts from when i was a kid
sterio hauled in from the neighbors trash sitting on the back porch for 20 years
matress (stained of course)
2 person swing rotten wood and rusted posts the wife cryed when this went dont know why
old furnace that was heavy
misc junk from the basement
garage stuff wood my dad never would have carved even if he hadent had a stroke
lamps my dad had a thing for saving broken lamps
gates from a fence taken down 20 year ago
a old tv cabinet (my dad wanted me to save it for the plywood he later said)
cinder blocks here and there all around the propertee
an old yellow chair my brother and i would sit on either side of my mom and she would read us the Sunday funnies. (getting misty here guess i still do have som feeling left someware)
dry rotted laundry racks
didnt even get to the attic

kinda sad that most of a persons life ends up in a dumpster then again we end up in the ground as well just a different kind of land fill

at least my dad is still alive it would be a much sader experience if he were not
went and picked him up at the campground and brought him home he got outa the motorhome and went up the the house while i unhooked his truck and backed it into place leveled it all and hooked up all the water electric cable tv ect.

had a long nap helped with dinner and then u guessed it off to the gf house. think it was a record she had me naked and inside her in less than 2 min couldent bust a nut tho wonder why prolly cauyse deep down i am a fucking


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