im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, December 17, 2009

rode the bike to work today guess im a little out of the mainstream as it was 9 degrees outside but the roads were dry and i have all my heated gear. secretly im hoping to hit an ice patch and slide under a truckand get killed. i know the wife kids and gf will all miss me but at least they will say he died doing what he loved doing. yea right

cant seem to get my dads house sold som bs with the deed .
the dumpster is gon along with old matresses tractors and lots of junk from the basement.
has an ultrasound at the urologist yesterday to try and find out what wrong down there. it was wierd having a chick lube my sack and take pictures of my testies.
did the wife last night felt good felt guilty felt hungry took sleeping pills
o yes gots call in som of my dads scripts
o fuck i droped my phine in the tiolet again!
3 years delinquent on refreshers George figured pk would take care of it fuck more hassles and more hassles.
gota ride home still hoping for that truck car or buss to mash me


also want to drink so bad i can taste it wisky vodka kaula cheap grape wine beer my mouth is salavating at the thought
more and more insanity creeps in daily


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