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Monday, April 12, 2010


took the day off friday and went 2 the girlfriend like i was going to work. It was her birthday. I goto her an i phone a week or so ago. she wanted a shot of jizz first thing so i gave it to her as quickly as possible and we slept for a bit. got up and drove across the state to get som grain cause she grinds it to make flour. long fucking way to go for 200 lbs of grain but it was her birthday after all. ate lunch at a small diner supost to b famous. food was ok good onion rings. we walked her dogs 4+ miles along the coast and i took her to get ice cream. drove home in a daze and showered and went to bed. we must be getting old caus we didnt even fuck. I did sleep a bit even without bennidril. ate puss in the am and got her off to a screeming O i bustd a nut and we went back to sleep for a while. changed the sheets and took her dogs to a park in the afternoon showered and i went back to my house.

on thursday night i poked at the wife and fingered her off but coundent bust a nut at all guilt i guess.

spent saturday w the wife and kids played pictionary.

church on sunday as usuall celibrated the wifes birthday a day early cause she was buisy on monday got her som cool stuff for her motorcycle spent the afternoon putting it on and she rode it to work today. went out to her fav mex place for dinner.
the boys are making her a desert tonight.

all in all it cost about $400 for both birthdays
cost to my sanity? ???????


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