im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, February 18, 2010

rode the motorcycle to work today25 degrees not too much ice.
agreed to take the day off and spendit w the gf dont know how she talkes me into stuff like that.
met her at lunch time to walk her dogs at the local park wasent hungry i called and told her so but she brought me pizza anyway. thought she was gona blo me in the car.

in the shop where i work now i can see the mens restroom. about 1/3 of the men do not wash there hands at all another 1/3 just run water and rinse there hands. Only 1/3 of them use soap and wash thoroly. i have noted this in public restrooms as well. WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS PEOPLE! with soap!

ditched ash wednesday w the family cause i felt like shit just tired mostly i guess though i am fighting a cold. tossed off to som internet porn and went to bed. took 2 benadril and slept through most of the night up 2 pee once



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