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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the weekend

took friday off spent it with the gf
6:20 fucked her 6:22 sleeping
up at 9 to take her snowboarding it actually was perfict conditions but she bitched about some thing or another i forgot about what or maybee i just dont listen anymore.
she did well and didnt fall.
took her shoping cant remember for what
went bach home anf took her dogs to the bark park walked a lot her dogs ran a lot.
back to her house showered and ate pussy till she was screeming fucked her again and let her make me dinner.

went back to the place where i live moste of the time (cant really call it home)
and had a huge sandwitch and a ate some bennidrill and went to sleep.

saturday i got up and took the gf a ski pass i forgot to give her yesterday she made me a pancake with lots of fruit in it and had me poke her but i didnt wana bust a nut cause the wife would probly want some. dont know it i could have any way?

stoped and got donuts before giong back home and cralled back in bed in bed found out the wife is broken so thats a pretty good thing i supose. spent the day pottering around and not doing much of anything the kids didnt want to go skiing so i didnt push and just hung out
went to church at 5 made like i prayed and took communion like im not a sinner.
made an awsem roast for dinner with mashed potatos gravy and brockly for a veg yummmm
watched a movie with the boys "On any Sunday " the seemed to like it
ate some more benadrill and passed out.

up early to the gf house to take her back out on her snowboard and me on my raceing board.
we aranged a lesson with guy who is very good at telling just what you are doing wrong and helping you fix it. i took his advice and rode ver well the rest of the day hard boots and all.
the gf did well too but switched to skis in the afternoon.
we showered and sat on the couch eating dinner and watcing som olimpics
when we were fucking she was a little dry so i poped off kinda quick for her and fingered her while she flicked the bean around she came so hard she sprayed me with jizz. it kinda turned me on for a second but then i had to go wash. we lay for a while and i get hard again so i jumped back inside and banged away till i got off again. she laffingly said she would pee herself tomoro i pounded so hard. kinda took pride in that dont know why.

back to my house before the snow started shoved the cat over and got in bed . the wife was reading with the light on and it was very bright so i busted out her birthday present a night reading book light and she got all happy for me being so thoughfull

couldent sleep till the small hours were getting bigger guilt guilt guilt



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