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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

last weekend

by most accounts this past weekend went very well. if i leave certain things out that is.

Fri night went and road bikes with a friend for 12 miles at the park perfect weather. came back home and i cooked a fish dinner that was very very good. showered and made wild love. slept.
woke the next morning and went to work. had a good day, busy time went by quickly and got paid time and 1/2. home by 3pm. found the wife freshly showered from weeding the side yard so i cleaned up a bit checked on my dad did a project with the kids while the wife made dinner. while it was in the oven we made love and took a little nap. had dinner with the family regular sit down how was your day kind of dinner. after dunner i set up the volleyball net in the yard and we played volleyball and badminton with my dad as line judge till it was too dark to see. showered and went to bed hugging
Sunday i was awakened with kisses with the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the air and the sound of birds outside. dressed and went to church with the 16 year old driving. (very well i might add.) after mass and back at home the wife cooked a delicious if not nutritious breakfast of sausage biscuits and eggs. (we only do that about twice a year) lounged for a bit read the Sunday paper did a couple of choirs around the house and went out for a movie, Night and Day very good lots of action and funny. went to the grocery store on the way home for ice cream and bought a big ball to play with the dogs ate ice cream on the patio and played puppy in the middle till the ball poped and the mozzies got too bad (didn't want to put on bug spray) so we went in and made love and fell asleep in each others arms.

all sounds pretty good right?
can you guess whats wrong with this Norman Rockwell picture?

more tomorrow



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