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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nail polish

been compairing the wife and gf in my head latly guess it started with painting toe nails the other week i clipped and painted nails fri and sat nights and the gf toes are growing out and she wants me to repaint them but she hasta take the polish off before she showers or she says just for get it. the wife on the other hand will wait till i notice the polish peeling or she is jabbing me in the ankle with the sharp ones before we do them again. she lets me take off the old polish and put on new right away. i pick a color and repaint them done. no sex involved. the gf on the other hand has me choose 3 or 4 colours and she picks out the one i have not chosen (ever) i paint 2 coats and as it drys she blows me and then we have porn sex with her feet in the air till the paint is dry. just one of the many differences



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