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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

colds and such

still climbing out of this cold cough and mucus in the morning and stuff but feeling lots better. got a flu shot friday. dont know y but it really hit me that if i did croak the boys would miss out on a lot of father son things like the other day i took the oldest out on the main roads on a motorcycle for the first time. i asked him how he liked it and his reply "aaaawsomeeee" no he does have a lot of drama in him but i think he really did have a good time.

weekend did the refresher thing so i can do my vounenteer thing again this year took up most of the weekend. saturday when we were back at the gf house of courst we showered and did the nasty and had dinner before i was going to leave i got a little twichy and worked it into a full hardon so not to waste it i poked her again layed on top of her kind of laydown doggy style could barley get my dick in her for her big ass but as it giggled and such i reached round and grabed her tits and wow busted a nut in about 30 seconds. recovered a bit and got the hell outa there. got back to my house and got ready for bed kinda quick as it was almost 10 the wife comes in locks the dore and shakes her ass for me alittlebit and bang did her the same way. tossed her off by hand after she likes it that way .

3 gasims with 2 women in less than 6 hours. not proud of it just sick to my stomach at what a


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