im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, February 04, 2011


got back to my house last yesterday didn't ride shoveled some more snow took out the quad to get the mail got it stuck in the deep snow down at the lake. almost gave myself a asthma attack getting it out. thought about it after that is a good "accidental way to off myself"

offered to take the wife out skiing and to dinner but she didn't want to go. so i took a shower and she joined me. kissed her to "O" and rubbed lotion on after. We got dressed, she made dinner, i opened mail. after dinner i took out garbage. put a song on YouTube that the boy was singing. danced in the kitchen with the wife while he worked on school projects. looked deep in her eyes and saw the love she has for me. she should have seen the lye's deceit and what a fucking INSANE BASTARD i really am

rode today
goin t gf house after work.


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