im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, September 08, 2006

after work last night i went to a buddies house and helped him work on his roof. I was tired and called the wife and said i was staying over. said see ya to my bud and went to the gf house took care of her dogs showered and ate some of her food. (she just went shopping yesss ) She really digs it when i lay out all her shit t oget ready for bed face clenzer contact stuff and help her off with her clothes. she says she really feels pampered when i do that. I was really too tired to fuck but she started reading a book we are sharring and i rubbed her feet and well i ended up balling the shit out of her. busted a nut threw her a towl and went to sleep. I had opened all the windows this time so i could hold her all night without sweating my ass off. o yea it helped that i kicked her dog off the bed when she got up to pee. I know im a bastard I'm going over t her house tonight to hang curtians it's bullshit but i'll get a bj out of im sure.


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