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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Monday labor day

went and put the boat in the water we had a beach party kinda cold but my buddy wife has huge tits and the cold wind brought out her big nips as well (my wife tells me she hasen't given it up since her last kid over a year ago) party party party on the beach grilled dogs boating lots of fun with the kids. went home put the boat up and took a nap with the wife woke up feeling a little twitch in my crotch got hard enough to put it in (the wife will not suck cock btw) but was loosing my erection so i put her feet up around neck and banged away this always gets me off it like tightens her puss muscles or somthing as well as gives me a good visual of her tits bouncing. domestic bullshit after that till an early bed time. didn't go to the gfs she wined about that but fuck it i can only doo so much


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