im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

friday after work went to the gf house took care of her dogs and made her a wonderful dinner.we sat on the couch and read for a while untill i couldent take it any more and i just had to f her soooo i did on the the couch on the floor and then in bed it was like porn sex only better because i was doing it not just wacking to it . went home after a couple of hours cralled in bed with the wife and sleept like a baby.

Saturday morning i got up early said i was meeting som buddies to work out went to the gf house slept for a while (dont know why i go home) fucked her quicky style. We got up took a shower walked her dogs had som lunch and she went to work. Went home did som domestic bullshit and took a long motorcycle ride w the wife. then went to church. I went to bed and fell asleep sucking on tities but didnt feel like fucking.

Sunday woke up with a hard on and a horny wife did the nasty for a while slept in and had a lazy morning. Don't know why sex with the wife is so different same bady parts but she gets one big O while the gf has about 10 little ones before somtimes saying i want it to go all tingly and then i know its big because she screems and writhes about on the bed a lot. went the the gf house on sunday night she sucked me hard so i fucked her again (dicks getting a little sore by now) but it was a good lay. went home and cuddled up to the wife. She is so much easer to actually sleep with than the gf.


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