im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, August 16, 2007

got to the gf on tuesday after work she took me to bed as usuall and asked if i was going to make love to her? I said i didnt want to just doink her and run off.but she sucked me hard so i fucked her quick and got the hell outa there. went home and got ready for the neighbors garage sale and other bullshit.
last night i went to the gf house for a while after dinner w the family my stomach was hurting so i told the gf no sex please she read to me for a while and i went home to bed only to wake a lot durring the night w my gut hurting maybee i have an ulser or somthing.
t nite the in laws will be over at least they are not staying this time. my birthday is comming up so maybee som money will pop up

I am such a BASTARD


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