im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

got away with one more weekend poked the wife on sat morn to get that out of the way kinda of a nothing o for me but the wifey seemed to like it. worked at my dads on sat trimmed trees and did yard work. Cooked us all dinner and hung out my dad is lonly now that his neighbor died. I think i can move him in with me but don know if i can stand him all that much. made a bonfire that night and burned som rotting wood on the side of my house it was nice we rosted hotdogs and hung by the fire. called the gf late that night and treated her like shit and hung up on her. sunday the wife woke late and rushed off t church i stayed home and burned more shit got stung by a bee or 4 . went t the gf house for the eve walked her dogs trimed there nails helped her bath them then mowed her lawn and she proceded to cook me dinner and fuck the shit outa me twice. cant figure it out i treat her like shit them do som nice stuff for her and she "loves me soooo much "
I am suck a bastard!


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