im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

got the gf off t the airport on thur didnt f her in the morn did her the night before though. she was all lovie and shit. took the rest of the day off t get ready for a conoe trip with my boys and the guys great fun all around the gf called me a few times and left messages cant remember if i talked to her or not. came home late sunday night and said fuck it to work on monday. which was a good thing i guess as it was my wedding aniversary (totally forgot it)the wife was sooooo happy we were together she even opened her legs a bit so i could fuck her. I can't say the sex is great with her anymore sorta routeen but i do get a really good o most times when i doer (somtimes i can feel myself goin limp so i fake it this time it was a good one). spent the rest of the day unloading shit and running errands and fuckin off. t nite ?????


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