im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

havnt posted for a while cus sam ol shit. fuck the gf fuck the wife lie lie lie as nausiem. this thursday i "go on my bike ride" 4 days n 3 nights with the gf. fuck me is such a bastard. I read in dear abby t day a bout a bloke that died and his late wife was still pissed bout his affares 3 years later.

y are bitches so stupid. the gf has t know im cheating on her. i dont call and come over late and hafta leave at certan times. I cant be that good of a lier. the wife might be just naive unough to not let herself believe what im doing. I give them both gushing i love you s and pamper them when i am around and i say all the loving things i can whenever i get the chance i miss you i want you you look pretty cook for them do jobes for them around the house give them money Not much mind you, kiss them masage them paint toenails etc etc etc...

Im numb inside anymore and want to kill myself. Not like eat a gun or crash my car, but worse start drinking again which would end in my death. only it would pull them all down with me.


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