im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, October 15, 2007

the gf sent me an email with the website and asked me to watch it. she really loves me that much i know but how is the question i keep asking myself. it made me cry.

Friday after work i went to her house and we ran erands and went shopping at lowes. we got a lota chinese crap and a ladder made in usa. we got buisy and put up or installed everything we got. we had a nasty looking but good tasting dinner. after we took a shower. bj's and carpet munching followed by lots of fucking. we cuddled and and read/ slept till i went home at about 1am.

Saturday i worked around the house and on cars till about 1pm then to my dads to do som shit for him. the wife had sent a lasagna for dinner and we finally sat down to eat and she coms storming in claming i never told her where to be this afternoon. im thinking wtf. I didnt have my cell on becuse it fell outa my pocket and my dad had left his in the house and we were working outside. so she went all the way home and then drove back to my dads she can be so stupid somtimes. It was just a misunderstanding but why do i hafta tell her where to be she drove a lot outa of her way for nothing. I felt bad tho, I really do love her

sunday i got up early to go to the gf house. we had a refresher for our volunteer (asked the gf how to spell that) stuff. it went ok and on the way home i asked her if we could shave her puss weve done it before and she really likes it, it kinda makes me feel like a perv tho cause she looks like a little girl w no hair at all. lota suckn and fuckin after that. took a little nap and then orderd thai food take out as neither of us wanted to cook. they said it would take about an hour so she read some more of her homework while i carressed her bod and shaved muff this got me hard so i dider again just a quicki but it feelt good. got blamed for the tia food being cold (it wasent cold at all in fact it was just right to eat but she likes her food so hot it burns your mouth) it was spicy anyway. saved her a little for luunch the next day. loafed around for a while and watched some tv and then played Yatze with me her and a stuffed tiger. the tiger won by a 100 or so points we laughed about that a lot. I honestly had a good time with her all day and the sex was great, but then comes the time i hafta go back home or the place i live anyway I really do missher when i leave.
got in bed w the sleeping cold wife and cuddled her till she was kicking off covers then slept like a stone.

I still wonder how i can be such a complete and total


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