im a bastard and i cant spell

Saturday, May 31, 2008

i put a pickle in my wifes lunch yesterday along with a sappy poem about her being pretty. she has been puffy all week cause of the poison ivy but she is getting better i also stoped by lovers lane and got the her a verrrrrry sexy little number to ware when she finally gets over the poison ivy.

workin tday goin t the gf house after to ride bikes. she wants to go to the movies later. i think its mu inherent cheepness but i cant stand spending $20 to be semi entertained for 2 hours maybee its just i cant sit still for that long? I did take the boys to see Iron man. that was worth it to me. in fact it held me captive the whole time. but the gf wants to see a "romantic comedy" ill end up taking her and not complain but it sucks the only thing ill do about it bitch about it here.

doin a relay for life walk for cancer sunday morning. the wido next door puts it together every year and i walk durring the small hours 2am till 4 i think this year. i think the holw thing is kinda stupid i would rather just give them som money but ill walk anyway cause its quiet at that time and if i dont take a lot of sleeping pills i dont sleep anyway.

I still think im a bastard for what im doing to my wife children and girlfriend but i cant seem to stop it. it all goes around and around in my head all the time questions answers dismissing answers starting to pray for guidence and getting it all mixed up and round and round it goes. Ill snap one day and drink or worse it will all come to a bad ending cause thats the only way i can see it in my head cause im a


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