im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, May 30, 2008

im still an idiot but now i have a still leaking motorcycle its going back to the shop later on.
had dinner with my dad last night and cut his lawn.
got home in time to help take a borrowed trailer back. took a shower with the wife first time since the poison ivy started she still looks hot naked still bleeding som though so i tossed off in the bathroom later that night.
gf wined that her phone battery was going dead and that she "would haft to disconnect" she actually sounded sad and dissapointed. WE WERE ON THE PHONE FOR 5 FUCKING HOURS FERCHRISTSAKE. she says she just likes being on the phone with me. i cant figure out why i dont say much to her or my coworkers. dont know why i ever let it get this far.

BASTARD called james


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