im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, September 18, 2008

gota teach tonight backboarding cervical collars. lucky for me im not lead instructor. The canidates say im one of the better ones because im not intimidating like the others. truth is im scared to death to even talk to anywone let alone a group if first responders about life saving techneeks.
in other news my Dad disapeered when i got home the other day i didnt think anything of till i heard him calling for help. he had gon down stairs and took a shower and went into O2 depravation and almost passed out so i got him on his oxygen and into bed. what the f was he thinking i just walked into the door from scouts and was getting things put away and .... anyway he is ok but still managed to shit in the shower that i had to clean up. I love him and all and he really taks only minimal care but.
My bike still runs like stink but i got a lead off a website and have som parts ordered. at least i can ride the wifes bike its too cold for her lately or she has stuff to carry.
my list of i dont want to's is getting longer and longer in my head. I usta have a list of i like's about me a long time ago but now there is not much to like. its a good act on the outside but inside i just dont feel much of anything anymore


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