im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, August 18, 2008

took the boys on a long weekend vacation, cabin in the woods canoeing boating motorcycles gocarts fishing campfires shotguns pistols rifels and lots and lots of good food how could they not have a good time.
got back sunday afternoon and loaded up to go to the wifes inlaws about 13 hours away for the week. talked to my 75 year old dad and it sounded like he had a cold again. He said he was going to the Dr in the morning so i figured all was going to be ok. turns out he was having a series of strokes and was admited to the hospital as soon as he got to the Dr. I rode the motorcycle back home and left the wife and kids at the inlaws. He is doing a little better it was 7 small strokes and he should recover but dam do i feel guilty for not going to him on Sunday. the gf has been calling and wanting to know all she askes soooooo many f-ing questions i been blowing her off which is not right either but its all i can do at the moment. wife got home last night. didnt sleep much.


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