im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

last night i went home a diferent way to pick up dads mail and stop by the motorcycle shop to ask som questions about mybike that i cant seem to get running right.
anyway i could have pulled out benind this white volvo and a sport ute but as i was on a smaller bike i decided to waight. the volvo put her brakes on to avoid hitting a squirl and the sport ute had to slam on his brakes and swerve to avoid her he missed her by less than a few inches but ended up spraying her with muddy h2o. she was pissed and honked and followed him and all that road rage shit. all the while im thinking to myself if i had pulled out between the 2 i could be dead right now. im pissed at God for not letting it happen. my hands shake while typing this i keep telling myself its just cold in the shop today but its not that cold! is God controling / guiding my life some divine purpose or am i just another monkey pounding on a keyboard. i have a list of things i dont want right now
i dont want
to be a son caring for his father after a stroke
to be a father coaching my sons lego robot team
to be a father talking to my sons about sex drugs and alcohaul
to be a husband to my loving wife
to be a lover to an adoring girlfriend
to be a auto worker drone just doing his job
to be a teacher of first aid and cpr
to be a middle age white guy going through life without a clue
i dont want to be such a
but i am


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