im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, September 05, 2008

guess dads doing better we have him at my house now. got a lot to do to get hes motorhome ready to live in till the weather turns cold. I know he wants to still go to FL for the winter but he can hardly wipe his own butt let alone fix all his own meals and other stuff. its all a little ok a lot overwhelming told the gf point blank i cant be what you need me to be. and she gave me all that i wish you would let me help you stuff. I wanted to screem at her just what in the fuck do you think you can do for me. i would like to know.
I just dont know what to do i go through the days just getting on with stuff that needs to be done trying to act like im ok. the wife saw through it last night before i could put on the happy face dont know what i will do when it all lreally falls apart. trust in GOD comes to mind but i just dont know to. i read about people that get this overwhelming feeling that God is with them and everyting will work out. i dont feel anything anymore least of all God


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