im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, June 26, 2008

had dinner with the wife and oldest boy. (sure is quieter when he's not there, kinda miss him, although the house is neater and the bathroom smells a whole lot better i still miss him. worked in the garage with the boy last night. tossed off showered and went to bed. somtimes life can be so normal. still had thoughts of starting all the bikes with the door closed and just going to sleep. probably never have the nerve to do it tho.
got this older lady engineer kinda hitting on me at work. i never have worn a ring so i believe she thinks im single. i didnt realize she was flirting with me untill after she had left my area and i played the conversation over and over in my head and yea that was definatly flirting she was doing. i keep telling myself i already have 1 to many women in my lifeALLREADY . and then the thought that an affair would definatly break it up with my gf. wouldent it? she is real cute and has a great body... i am a sick sick person i know that much.
been listining for God for a while now maybe im not on the right channel. saw som coworkers praying at lunch time yesterday but didnt have the nerve to go and join them at one time i could have but that seemed like a diferent lifetime ago when i wastent such a


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