im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, December 18, 2009

last day of work till the 1st the gf is already on me about how much time im gons spend w her dont wana take off but gota
took the boys out to meet with the wife for the anual norman rockwell christmass tree picking i really could give a shit what kind of tree we get or even if we get one. guess im not in the holiday spirt yet or ever anymore.

was gons take the kids skiing after but the new boots i got them dont fit there old skies went back home set up the tree and adjusted the bindings for next time watched Charlie brown christmas
on the surface all seems well real american dream kinda stuff
couldent sleep bounced another check from my dads account had to pay for his campground all the gas to get down to FL amd my flight back he has overdraft proction but im just too dum to figure out how to ballance a check book i am soooooooo not the one who should be maniging his money i try but even a simple thing like paying a Dr bill for him i looked at the bill and i checked how much money i had in my wallett and was still 5$ and change off of the correct amount i am such an idiot

i wish i wastnt a lying cheating dumbass


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