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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 new year

made it through the hollidays alive the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and we has the "norman rockwell " christmas tree lights gifts dinner all the usuall bs ducked and dodged the gf as much as i could but did go and see her christmas day in the evening we exchanged gifts and boinked and i got the hell outa there . i told her i was flying the boys to FL to visit with there grandpa that got me outs newyears whigh we spent watching old movies till midnight. I hate newyears anymore i cant drink dont really want to start another new year of lying and cheating.
i did put a large plastic bag over my head and held it tight 24 breaths till i got dizzy and started blacking out pulled it off oviously but i did prove that death is really only 2 min or less away at any time a bag is handy.


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