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Monday, February 08, 2010

so what did i do this weekend?

all my faithfull readers want to know. ( dont think anywone reads the drivel that comes out of my head not even me)

went to the gf after work we went out and got dog food and stoped at the motorcycle store. She has this idea that we can travel the country via motorcycle with 3 dogs in a trailer out back. All that is lacking is a custom trailer to hold 3 dogs all necessary riding gear bags and bags of cash and me getting divorced and quiting my job. she substitut teaches and keeps getting involves in skeems to make money ie starting her own food supply business mary kay and others. How she finds money each month is beond me. Guess she has got to hold on to something of a dream. i brought dinner we showered and i kissed her puss and found out after she was bleeding after we f*&^ed didnt puke on her but felt like i should after a while i got cleaned up and left.

12 degrees and snowing i rode the cycle back to my truck and trucked it the rest of the way home.

spent saturday sleeping and lounging while the wife limped around the house after falling on thursday night. cleaned out the hair ball in the bathroom sink and cleaned the cabinet and helped sort and put stuff back (funny how much shit is in the bathroom cabinet) got cleaned up and went to a marriage enrichment dinner at church. 3 couples talked about the loss of children and how there marriage survived through it. kind of depressing and a lot of stilted small talk the wife likes to "just listen" durring this type of thing, frustrating but i brought up all the proper subjects weather jobs children bla bla bla. went to church and as it was world marriage Sunday we stood up with all the other married couples and renewed our vows to each other promising again to be faithful to he and all that other vow bullshit i have been lying about all these years. lying cheating no good bastard that i am. i did almost start crying though dont know that signifys

left her at church to teach sunday school and picked up the gf to go to our voulenteer thing.
got tai food for dinner on the way home. showered and she sucked me and i tossed off on her tits and fingered her till she came. we dozed in bed for a while till i had to go. she is already nagging me about her birthday 2 months away read a post the other day that said "if you wake up next somone and wished you had a hattched in your hand its time to leave"

moste of the time i lay next to her or my wife and think about my own death.



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