im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, January 21, 2010

only problem with where i work now is there are no motorcycle stores neerbye so im eating my lunch at my bench cause i really have nothing better to do. i know waa waa at least i have a job. i am gratfull to still be working some of my co workers are still on layoff.
rode the bike to wirk today kinda cold but ok. almost got hit by a garbage truck when it slid into a ditch making a right turn while i was going left. missed me by a few feet i didnt stop wtf could i do for him and his truck stuck in a ditch. dam the luck a few seconds later and i would have been under that truck.
just got a call from my Dad to ask if i had called him? i did last night and talked to him for 20 min or so he kinda takes a week for ideas to set in with him i sold his house last week and told him i would put the money into his accounts that are still making money but he wanted to tellme to do just that i guess at 77 im/he is lucky to even be on his own in FL.

the tortalinies im eating for lunch look kine little timy vaginas



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