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Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow day

i called a snow day from work yesterday the wife and kids had no school so i stayed home as well.
the wife had just gone to the bathroom after i had called my boss so i took advantage of her sleepyness and got some. she was very willing as she has been sore from falling while skiing last week. i was gentile as i could be fingering her to O first then i did her kinda doggy with a pillo proping her little butt in the air. took about 30 seconds. then we slept for a couple hours.

woke the boys up with the promis of pancakes and skiing. didnt tell them about shoveling the drive till fter breakfast. they didnt really act like they wanted to ski but i draged them up the hill anyway 4 inches of fresh powder on a snow day was not to be denied. i think they had fun and we only stayed a couple of hours. came home had lunch traditional grilled cheese sandwichs. took a little nap with the wife then packed up my stuff and was off to see the gf for late afternoon skiing.

got to the hill and put on my carving board i love that board but it still scares me a little. really need a lesson from one of my friends and am trying to make that happen soon

got back to the gf house and she made dinner we showered and into bed we went. cant really hang out any other as her house is too cold. as we lay there hugging and she was giving me som head she complained her butt was still freezing. ???? so i fliped her over proped her large butt in the air and set to warm it up. took a littler logger than the wife and had to fanagle my way in a little bit (her butt really has gotten bigger) but got off and her butt was indeed warmer when i was done. sucked and played w/her nips while she flicked the bean about sounded like she has a good O and even a little one right after.

so that was my day fucking skiing and fucking.

couldent sleep last night and today GUILT reings in my head

o almost forgot tuesday after work i was laying on the bed and next to me was a carrier bag from the gorceriey. i put it on my head and tied it around my neck fucking holes in the botttom let me breath normaly fucking cheep ass bags


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