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Thursday, October 21, 2010

had to help put a dog down

was at the gf house last night not doin much but we did play with the dogs her middle dog just loves fitch and would play for hours if her old bones and joints would let her. she was doing poorly for a while but a while ago the gf put her a new med and lo and behold she can run jump stand on her hind legs ect. cut back to last night. i made dinner and we ate. while she was cleaning up dishes she asked me to feed the dogs 630 ish. step ove a tired dog (not an unusual occurance) to go to the garage to put the food out for them call the middle dog no responce. go and check and she has deficated where she lay and is having a seizure. labored breathing and very fast heart rate. off the the emergency vet. 15 min car ride i carried her in flurry of activity and 15 min later the vet said she was aresting (heart failur) and they put her down. she was running and playing just an hour before. vet said some sort of internal hemorage caused vasogenik shock and she was just gone. we stayed and pet her and cryed till she was getting cold. settled up the bill and went home. 930 was just gona hug and cry some more and be on my way but the gf wanted a shower. so showered and hugging bed crying a little bit just holding her trying to be supportive. next thing i know she has her mouth locked around me cock and is f#cking the shit outa me. i keep thinking what the fuck is wrong with you! your dog just died ssudenly and all you wana do is fuck. all i can think is it was some way to put it all out of her mind for a while i guess. the alternative is she really is a sick twisted bitch.

i dont have a dog for all the reasons i went through last night. no mater how good of care you take with them they die and it hurts and it hurts and it hurts. i didnt want that i hate feeling but after 10 years ive come to love her dogs more than i thought....

rode back to my house in the pouring rain put my leathers to dry got in a hot shower made a sandwitch told the wife a lie or 2 and went to sleep.



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