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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

new dog

so the gf got a new dog a little fucked up abused 1 year old dog scared out of its mind. i do not understand and have never understood this idea of getting another pet to replace the one just lost its not a fucking piece of furniture or something its a living thing. she appoligized for making me give my heart to another dog but i cant do it. i just cant do it.

had yesterday off poked at the wife and gave her a Ogsm made her an omlit and sent her to work

did the voteing thing im more than a little disenchanted with out government and the hole system of how things run. cant thikn of a better way though.

took my dads cat to the vet $225 he was poked and proded stuck and drained and pronunced healthy. 225 on a cat! like spending $55 to get a disposable lighter fixed. dont undarstand taking care of animals i guess usta be an animal lover but they die and leave a hole in your heart that can not be filled ever.

gota go and feed the gf dogs after work. all fucking 3 of them who the fuck needs 3 dam dogs at a time anyway. all gona die too soon.



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