im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

fucked the gf last night no skiing she is such a good lay i cant even believe it. its like porn star sex every time. (except shes getting kinda chubby) but other than that she sucks and fucks like there is no tomoro. I wana do the right thing and cut loose from her and stay with my wife but just cant ever seem to start the process. its a lot like when i usta drink i start out going over to her house determened to break up with her and she starts kissing on me and all that other stuff and i cave in and do her and play house and all. the thought i just had is this i think i could hug her and look deep into her eyes and say i love you! then leave her and go to my house and hug my wife and look deep into her eyes and tell her i love her as well. am i fucked up or what?

If you put me in a room with 2 doors one labeled wife and one labeled girlfriend and told me to choose i would.... sit in the middle of the floor till someone came and got me. I am fucked up in the head and know i need help.



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