im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

didnt die last night didnt even come close while riding bicycles.
the girl friends new puppy is cute. cant even comprehend why she wanted a puppy after loosing her old dog. she has 2 others. she gave me a list of reasons but non of them make any sence to me.
wasnt going to f her last night but she wanted it i guess.

I did get her washing machine fixed had to take the hole thing apart to replace the connector from the motor to the transmission. I asked the guy at the service center how much they would charge to change it "about 250 to 300 " is what he told me. she was already to buy a new one. I fixed it for $22.83. i didnt take any money for it so i guess som of my guilt is asauged for her buying me that expensive bike. but not too much us catholics do love to wallow in our guilt after all.

I am pretty good at fixing things.

its the rest of life i suck at



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