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Friday, June 13, 2008

quite the week ive had first the power goes out sunday night lots of wind and rain but no real damage. got the widow next doors gen started and ours my dad was over for dinner so he went home after things calmed down. he had power all along. took monday off well, no power keep the generators running and to take my truck back to the body shop to fix the things they left off and fix the tail lights they screwed up. pisses me off to pick up somthing you paid money to have fixed and its not right. keep it as long as necessary but fix it right the first time ferchrissake. I worked in service for several years and i know they just rushed it at the end do i could have for the weekend. fuck that that keep it and fix it.
almost forgot the wife had to ride her motorcycle home in the rain the other night and i followed her. She said it was a lot of fun splashing through the huge puddles and was grinning fron ear to ear. I was a nervous reck all i could think about was her getting hurt and it would be my fault cause i got her the bike in the first place. but she got home safely and the boys school play whigh we all went to was a big hit as well.
got up early on tuesday and started the gen and went to work. the wife called me about 8 and said a tree fell in the back yard. now i have big trees real big trees the smallest one that could have fallen was 45 feet or so. turns out it was 3 trees altogether the watter had soked the ground so much that the 70 foot oak sunk in the ground and up rooted 2 others on its way down. now here is the cool part it it would have fallen 3 feet south it would have knocked on my garage. 10 feet north the house would have gotten it and the wive had just pulled her truck out to drive the oldest boy to the bus stop as it was raining it would have been totaled im sure as it was it didnt miss the boat but did no real damage.
I know there is a God and he looks out for us all so i did pray a nd thank him for keeping all of us safe. I love my wife. I care about her. and she is leaving on a weekend trip and i will miss her.

so all that said. why in the f am i going over the gf house this afternoon. do i love her too MORE?
By the way if anywone reads this and it dosent make sense think of how it is in my head.


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