im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, June 06, 2008

came close to getting killed in a headon with a suv yesterday swerved just in time just a normal reaction after riding for 25 yrs i guess. the boy knocked a beer bottle down the basement steps on wednesday it was an accident so i helped him clean up it was a non alchol but it still dreged up an urge to have a nice cold beer. still does even now here at work 2 days later at 730 am.
got a headache this morning.
made love with the wife last night. she is finally over her poison ivy and she kinda jumped me. it was real nice and she looked great. i fell asleep and slept like a stone. how? you ask. well one thing is im a bastard without a conscience and the other is i took a handfull of sleeping pills about an hour before.
We are going to a performance tonight that the oldest boy is in 8th grade now hope its better than his grade school performances. 21 kids in food suites forgeting there lines. and i took off work for this? actually it was pretty funny then and brings a smile to my face even now.

If i got divorced and left the gf i would start drinking again. quite possible the 2ond slowest form of suicide there is, next to starvation.


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