im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

went to the gf house monday after work the weather was rain and thunder so we to the home improv store and got a bunch of stuff. i rewired her other ceiling fan to take a 100 wat bulb i grilled som salmon (never buy salmon from chile first of all it was dyed pink it had lots of fat and and tasted like mud) and peppers. walked her dogs and her new puppy round the block. she practilly begged me to make love to her so we did and i got the f outa there about 10pm.

took tuesday off the go to the musium with the wife and oldest boy. We made love when we first got up, wow was that ever nice. put the wife in charge of finding out how to get there got lost in construction downtown but finally found the place, laughed about passing the same buildings 3 times and going in circles but we made it. had to stop for gas and found out my truck is sitll leaking when you fill it so it hasta go back a 3rd time to get it fixed. we went out to dinner after taking the boy to get his braces adjusted. you know there is no extra money around when you are the only people in the resturant at 530 pm economic stimulius money my ass kinda like pissin on a forist fire if you ask me. i liked how one cycle mag editorial put it "most people are only gona blow the money at wallmart buying chineese crap anyway boosting the chinese economy not ours. I say spend the money on hookers, lapdancers and beer, all American stuff." kinda funny the artical was writen buy a woman. Anyway when we got home we thought we would have a fire and make smores. the neighbor was at his his house site working on running a well pipe. he had rented a trencher and the trench was colapsing as fast as he could dig it. His brother in law had bailed out on him so he was left diging by himself. i could see he was getting real down so i went and got changed into work clothes and got the 14 year old to try and lend a shovel or 2 when the wife asks can she come play too?. i fugured sure any dirt we get out of the trench is one less scoop the neighbor dosent haft to right? We had a ball scooping put mud and clay getting good and dirty telling stories about when we did all this same stuff when we built our house. good memories good fun good to work up a swet once in awile too. we had our fire and cooked the marshmallos and ate the smors.
didnt have the balls to call the gf and knew it would f up the hole day if i did so i just sent her a text saying
i was ok gd nte
i can do good but deep down im still very much a


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